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Citipost History

Start-up to leading global distribution

Citipost is a leading provider of mailing, fulfilment and delivery services worldwide and has been delivering premium B2B global mail services for more than 25 years.

A leading global distribution company, Citipost has grown phenomenally since its beginnings 
in 1985
A leading global distribution company, Citipost has grown phenomenally since its beginnings in 1985.

The organisation began as Datarun in 1985, which was an operation set up in response to a mail strike in central London, focusing on the specialist distribution of time-sensitive magazines and periodicals. Since then, Citpost has grown into a leading global distribution company, providing flexible, cost effective, quality mail solutions for many blue chip businesses worldwide.

The company grew rapidly using its successful business model to set up new divisions to enter the latest markets. Alternative Mail & Parcels, now Citipost Ltd., was set up in 1997 to service specialist catalogue and directory distribution. An international division, Citipost International, was set up in 2002 to provide a service that matched the needs of international customers. The Citipost Direct Distribution division was set up in 2004 to provide specialist time-critical foreign newspaper and magazine fulfilment and distribution services across the UK.

Mail licence awarded

In 2004, the organisation applied for and was awarded a mail licence to deliver lightweight parcels and mail to any address in the UK, following the de-regulation of the UK mail market.

In December 2004, AMP bought Citipost Group from Royal Mail. Citipost specialised in business-to-business delivery operations worldwide, with offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Therefore, Citipost was able to provide an ideal complement to the networks that AMP had already established. In early 2006 AMP rebranded all its businesses under the Citipost banner.

In 2006 Citipost created Citipost DSA (Downstream Access) division to leverage the opportunities of the full postal market deregulation in the UK.

Over the past 25 years, Citipost has grown to be an award winning, prominent player in the global logistics market.