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UK Services

In 2006 when the Royal Mail was deregulated, Citipost enabled our clients to access the Royal Mail's end delivery through our sister company, Citipost Mail . This meant better prices and better service levels for our clients.

Citipost aim to have all mail sent on our service delivered over a 2-3 day period. This is in line with the Royal Mail's Mailsort 2 service but at a cost closer to Mailsort 3. Citipost believes service is key, therefore we have invested heavily in our client service team to give our clients dedicated support for any queries they might have.

As you'd expect from Citipost, we offer a complete portfolio of options:

International Services

Whether your mail is a priority or economy item to be sent to Europe, the Americas or Asia, Citipost Mail has a solution to meet your requirements.

Priority mail services

Citipost has been delivering time-sensitive and crucially important courier and mail items for more than 20 years. We understand that your documents are vital, whether you're sending legal papers, confidential business correspondence or time-critical financial research.

Citipost have the local, regional and international reach to get your items delivered on time, every time  backed up by dedicated account management and 24/7 operations.

At Citipost we'll get your goods to the required destination at your specified time. Using our business-to-business worldwide network, 22 sites worldwide and global strategic partnerships, you can select from a range of next day services to meet your needs.

We have the local, regional and international reach to get your items delivered on time, every time - backed up by dedicated account management and 24/7 operations.

Courier converted mail services

Our courier converted mail service provides you with a speedy courier product at cost effective mail prices. We collect and sort your mail, extract and consolidate items ready to go to a single business address.

The courier packs are sent to target business addresses via our worldwide B2B hand delivery network. Our leading-edge delivery software optimises routes through our postal supplier partners and major airlines to provide you with the most effective solution.

The courier packs carry the Citipost brand, so end customers know immediately who the package has been sent through. This is particularly valuable for organisations dealing with increased security alerts.

Proof of delivery signature services

When your item is delivered we can ensure the recipient signs for delivery. With our proof of delivery signature service, you can rest assured that the addressee has received your package.

Our leading-edge technology systems enable you to view a digitised copy of the recipient's signature online including the exact time and date of delivery. Alternatively, you can request proof of delivery to be emailed, faxed or mailed to you from our Client Services team.

Sameday delivery

If your urgent consignment can't wait until tomorrow for delivery, at Citipost we can provide a secure, reliable 'sameday' service to your required destination across Europe.

Whether your item is urgent, confidential or needs to be there before or after a specific time, we can guarantee that we will get exactly the right service for your needs. We'll arrange for immediate collection and distribution of your package and let you know it has reached its destination upon arrival.

Using the latest real-time management systems enables us to ensure the quickest response and safe, monitored delivery of your time-critical items.

Economy mail services

If cost is a key driver? The economy business-to-business mail service is ideal for less time-sensitive orders such as direct mail campaigns, reports and publications. It can be used to ensure you get the best cost savings on your mail budget.

We hand deliver items between all key commercial centres worldwide and pride ourselves on providing unrivalled levels of service, whether you're sending 100 or 100,000 items locally, regionally or overseas.