Citisecure – Business & Office Solutions

Citisecure – Business & Office Solutions

In 2020, Citipost launched a secure new service to businesses, enabling them to use the Citipost ordering portal, branded Citisecure. Using our online ordering portal gives customers the opportunity to benefit from 4 services that the Citipost group offer:

Hygiene and Cleaning products – these products are sourced from our sister company, Citicare. A company under the Citipost group that specialises in providing cleaning, hygiene, and personal protective equipment. As we manufacture these products ourselves, we can maintain ‘best-in-class’ rates, even throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.
Business and Office supplies – As a result of us providing business and office supplies for over 10,000 high street businesses, our buying power allows us to help reduce a customer’s typical business and office supply spend with products at a fraction of the cost of other businesses and office suppliers. The portal enables us to share this benefit with customers requiring general office equipment.
Parcel Collection – Our portal enables our customers to print addresses and request a same day collection, these parcels are collected and delivered by Citipost’s very own delivery drivers to ensure an excellent service for customers requiring urgent parcels that need to be delivered in a short time frame.
Confidential Waste – Businesses that require their confidential waste to be collected and destroyed can log in and book a confidential waste collection. Where our Citipost drivers are already delivering in the local area, and fulfilling the 3 services above, it alleviates the need for extortionate costs to collect and destroy confidential waste, as the other services are consolidated into one pick up.

Why choose Citipost?

We supply over £10m worth of office supplies each year, over £200k per week.
We offer over 120,000 products through our portal.
We ship over 6000 customer business and office supplies deliveries each week.
We deliver over 75 tonnes in office supplies and consumable products each week.

We deliver over 80% of orders through Citipost employed drivers, ensuring a reliable and transparent service.

Since we began supplying business and office supplies 3 years ago, we now provide over 10,000 high street businesses with their business, office, and stationery supplies. As a result of this, we are consequently now one of the most cost-effective suppliers in the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Any questions please call 0203 260 0100 or use our online contact form.